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Shefferville caribou hunting transportation methods
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Plane transportation to the great george river cariobou herd

Transportation to the great George river Caribou Herds

 Our VIP and trophy packages start from Montreal. You will fly on a jet flight to Kuujjuaq. Your 737 jet flight with First Air will last approximately two hours. In Montreal, we provide a parking space with security service for your vehicle for the duration of your stay. 

Once you arrive in Kuujjuaq, we will either transfer you to Stewart Lake or have you board a Twin Otter to reach your camp or lodge (flight duration: 40 to 80 minutes, depending on destination).

Over the past 50 years means of transportation have changed tremendously in these northern regions. But one thing has remained the same: weather. It is still the main-and unpredictable-factor in a journey's schedule and it may cause delays on your arrival or departure… it is wise not to plan return flights in order to give yourself room to manoeuver in case of delays due to Mother Nature.