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Caribous from the George rover caribou herd up close

Group of hunters with 2 caribous that have just been hunted

Great hunting kill from a young hunter at Tunilik Adventure

Hunting Caribou at our Caribou Hunting Outfitter

The Tunilik Adventure Caribou Hunting Operation

  The Québec Labrador Caribou

Considered to be the second largest herd of migrating animals in the world, The Quebec Labrador caribou species can be found throughout the northern sectors of both Quebec and Labrador Canada. Numbering close to half a million head, they are comprised of two separate herds, the George River herd in the northeast of Quebec and Labrador and the Leaf River herd in the northwestern sectors of Quebec. The Quebec Labrador Caribou designation was created to enable a distinct species listing in the record books of both Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young. Safari Club International has also a listing for the Quebec Labrador trophy caribou. Our main caribou herd of choice for the Tunilik Adventure hunters for this upcoming season will be the Leaf River Herd.

Always on the move

Constantly on the move, the Quebec Labrador Caribou species is rarely sedentary and constantly migrating somewhere. Caribou migrations come in a variety of patterns and numbers of animals. Caribou movement can be spread out over hundreds of square miles of tundra and taiga. Caribou can be seen moving alone or in small sporadic herds heading towards some general direction. Caribou migrations can also form into massive herds that are comprised of thousands of animals migrating in numerous lines that are sometimes up to 25 miles in length. The speed of a migration can be awesome with herds sometimes covering thirty miles per day. The peak of the Quebec Labrador caribou migration is an incredible wildlife spectacle and is a very impressive sight for any sportsman. The lucky hunter can be defined as the person who has made the right decision to hunt with the right outfitter, and is in the right place at the right time.

Location Location Location!

Considering the migratory nature of caribou, the caribou hunter who does not have the ability to move rapidly through his hunting areas in the case of shifting caribou migrations quickly understands the importance of hunting with an outfitter  with access to their own aircraft. Tunilik Adventure covers an area that is strategically placed  to intercept caribou during its north to south migration. That area has been the traditional grazing area for many years and manages to produce many trophies every year. The fact that our staff is out there everyday with their own ATV's, boats and access to their own aircraft, enables them to determine the proper course of action to insure the best possible experience.

Government satellite tracking reports that indicate caribou herd movement are also added to any current bush pilot and outfitter reports.

The Tunilik Adventure Hunting Mission

It is our main goal to get you to the caribou comfortably and safely. Although our hunts have a very high success rate, No one can guarantee hunting results. We do however, have the staff and the equipment that many others do not have.  We also adhere to the philosophy of fair chase. We guarantee to give you an honest effort and to do our very best to make sure that you have a productive and satisfying hunt with us.