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Caribous from the George rover caribou herd up close
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Group of hunters with 2 caribous that have just been hunted

Information on Hunting Licenses, Bow Hunting and Fishing



Information on Firearms



To enter Canada, you will need a valid passport. It is also important that you make sure there is nothing in your past that may not allow you to cross into Canada such as a DWI conviction or any other criminal offense.

Bringing a hunting rifle in Quebec is quite simple contrary to what some of you might think. 

You can download the necessary documents by clicking on the link below. It will lead you directly to the Canada Firearms Centre website. Once you have downloaded the PDF document, make sure you print and complete three copies.

Firearm declaration form 

The CBP 4457 form (Certificate of registration for personal effects taken abroad)

 US Customs requires that you list you private belongings that you plan to bring to Canada on your trip and therefore make it much simpler on your way back to identify your personal items from those which might have been purchased in Canada; You can either stop at the US border office before crossing into Canada, get it at the airport before boarding your flight or download it from the web at:


 License costs:


License Fee (non-resident)


$355.00 CDN (tags for 2 animals)

Black Bear


Small Game (Ptarmigan)


Fishing, general (seasonal)


Fishing, general 7 days


Fishing, general (catch & release)


Atlantic Salmon (seasonal)


Atlantic Salmon (catch & release)