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A beautiful set of fish on a stick after a great fishing day

Fishing is a nice complimentary activity at the Caribou Hunting Lodge

Eating fish outsite at the lodge after a great fishing and hunting day!

Fishing at our Caribou Hunting Outfitter

The Ungava and Labrador fishery

Atlantic salmon, trophy brook trout, lake trout and Pike

Of all the pristine watersheds left in North America, The Northern Quebec and Labrador regions offer some of best fresh water fishing in the world. With it’s thousands of lakes and multitude of rivers there are still many areas in northern Quebec that have never been fished. Fishing pressure is very light considering the very short fishing season and low volume of fishers. With the advent of catch and release fishing much of the water shed productivity has not changed over the years and you can still catch the largest trout or Atlantic Salmon of your fishing life. The trout species of choice is by far the brook trout or speckled trout. With its rainbow and scarlet red spawning colors, the brook trout of northern Quebec are an incredible sight rising on a dry fly. Their size can vary from 2 pounds to 8 pounds with some fishing stories that have been told of brookies that have exceeded 10 pounds.

The Whale River ( Atlantic Salmon )

The king of all sport fish in northern Quebec is considered by far to be the Atlantic Salmon. With its incredible jumping ability and strong runs, the Atlantic Salmon are highly sought after by our fly fishers. There are 2 runs or migrations of salmon on the Whale River. Early in the spring and well into mid season, we catch mended kelts or salmon that are on their way back to the sea after spawning the year before. As the season progresses towards the fall into the months of August and September, you will  catch bright silver salmon that are on their spawning migration up the river. The fish average between 8 and 12 pounds. Salmon pools are scattered along the river and as is always the case with Atlantic Salmon fishing, seasonal water levels are very crucial to the productivity of the river. The Whale river lodge is a full service facility and offers a very comfortable stay in this northern environment. From the lodge, daily flyouts to other destinations that offer fishing for different species can also be arranged.

Other fish species ; Landlocked Arctic Char, Land Locked Salmon, lake Trout and Northern Pike

Within Tunilik’s selection of 17 outpost camp and  lodge destinations, you will find a host of other fish species available. There are camp territories and watersheds that are comprised of lake and river fishing while other areas will be mainly lake fishing. Lake Trout of varying sizes can be found in all of our fishing waters. Lakers have been caught that have weighed in over 20 pounds. Catch and release is of the upmost importance as biologists have concluded that Lake Trout of this size can be over 60 years of age. Considering the short growing season in the sub arctic fish populations can be very old and fragile.
Our Landlocked char population is the result of the last ice age, with the Char being cut off from the sea. The Char have adapted to living year round in fresh water. Considered to be our best eating fish, a fresh arctic char filet cooked over a fire during one of our famous shore lunches is true northern gastronomy at its best. The Landlocked Salmon. as with the char, are not known for their tremendous size as most fish average between 2 and 3 pounds. What they do offer however, is a unique fishing experience, either with a fly rod or light spincasting equipment.

Whether you are a true fly fisher, a spincaster, or a caribou hunter looking to add to his hunting adventure, Tunilik’s fishing waters are there for you to discover and explore.

Fishing season

From August 15th to September 30th From September 7th to the 30th, catch and release is imperative.