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Hunter showing off his caribou after a great caribou hunt

Big caribou with huge horns from the george river herd

Beautiful waterfall on the caribou hunting territory


The Outfitter - Caribou Hunting and Fishing in Canada

Tunilik Adventure is a big game and sport fishing outfitting service located in the northern Arctic regions of Quebec Canada. Our operations are now based in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Quebec to hunt Caribou from the Leaf river Herd;which translates to fantastic caribou hunting and great fishing throughout the immense tundra regions of northern Quebec. 

Beautifully organized

Tunilik, is only a 2 hour flight from Montreal followed by a 40 minute flight from Kuujjuaq.
Tunilik will have you spending the week with a great group of people dedicated to your adventure
Tunilik is a very comfortable way to experience the Tundra; we keep keep the number of guests in camp to the proper level needed to render a top notch experience.

All of this means that even though you will be visiting one of the most remote areas of our continent, you can do so comfortably with a minimum of set backs due to weather and airlcraft delays.

Tunilik organizes your stay in Montreal, the butchering service and arranges a meeting with a taxydermixt on demand
Tunilik does this without charging fees or receiving commissions.
2016 was a another perfect season for Perry and his team since 100 % of all our patrons were satisfied with their adventure!

Not a new kid on the block...

In operation for over 15 years, Tunilik Adventure has invested heavily to provide a first class destination to caribou hunters and sport fishermen. With the goal of delivering a high quality adventure, Tunilik’s main camp and equipment is second to none in the industry. Our location enables us to see game year after year since our location is near the traditional grazing area of the main herd; this makes for a great hunt

To best serve our you, and keeping with our objective of delivering a first class caribou hunt and fishing trip, we have decided to keep our operation modest and we focus on the quality of your experience. We will get to know you personally and make sure that you are having a fun and productive stay with us. Tunilik really does think that small is beautiful and so will you, after spending a week with us in camp.

Big game hunting: Quebec Labrador Caribou and Black Bear

Hunting the Leaf River Herd!

Quebec Labrador caribou are divided into 2 main herds. Both caribou herds migrate throughout our territories. The herds fluctuate from time to time. From a population decline experienced in 2007 the George River herd will need to be left alone for a while even though animals harvested during our last season in that area from that herd were in exceptional health and in great shape... Some think that elements from the George River Caribou herd simply migrated north for a while or even all the way west… Our Northern base near Kuujjuaq enables us to access the other famous herd:  the Leaf River herd.  After operating for 3 seasons in our main camp area, our immidiate territory now covers almost the entire migration pattern of the leaf river herd making it possible to us to imrove camp comfort and still count on animals migrating through our territory.

The Fishing: Atlantic salmon, Trophy Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Northern Pike

Whether you are a pure fly fisher looking for Atlantic salmon on a fly or a hunter looking to combine some trophy brook trout fishing with your hunting, our watershed has some of the finest fresh water fishing in North America.