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Bow hunting is a popular caribou hunting activity at the outfitter

Caribous from the george river caribou herd at the outfitter

Caribou Hunting News from Tunilik Adventure Outfitter

2017/12/20It is over
After almost 2 decades organizing caribou and fishing trips in the Northern Quebec, Tunilik Adventure is shutting down operations for good.

We want to thank every one of our hunters for their patronage. It was a pleasure and an honor!

Good hunting!

Yves & Bernie
For the Tunilik Team
2016/01/27New rules for Caribou hunting in Quebec
The Quebec Government has announced the new regulations for 2016 concerning the Caribou hunting season.

For this year, each hunting license will allow the harvest of one caribou; however, a hunter can purchase 2 licenses.

In order to protect Trophy animals and increase their numbers, each hunter will be limited to one adult male caribou with antlers over 15 and 3/4 inches (40cm) above the skull.

Season dates are unchanged this year and tne number of tags available is roughly the same as it was  last year. 

Our challenge this year will be in the hunt as such; it was nice to harvest a good bull and then wait for a better one; but now, we're going to have to hunt hard. 

Head guide Perry Anderson says: ..." it will certainly increase our degree of difficulty in running the hunts but it will also make the experience more rewarding; the hunters we've had so far are the real thing and I am looking forward to the upcoming season...I see this as a challenge and I am sure we will acheive another season with a 100 % satisfaction rate..."

The 2016 caribou hunting season will run between August 15th  and October 4th.

2015/01/15Eastman's TV Show
Guy Eastman visited Tunilik Adventure this past season!

The show first aired on January 5th and 2 more video's are expected