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Tunilik Adventure has put together caribou hunts

for those wanting to experience the isolation, the beauty and the unique wilderness of Northern Quebec. Now, more than ever, Tunilik Adventures has become one of the major players in the Caribou Quebec hunting industry through the quality of its infrastructures, of its networking and its precision to details in order to protect our client's investment in our services

Dedicated to delivering a quality hunt, we have put our packages together with the objective of achieving a very high satisfaction rate; we have therefore acquired and relocated some of our operations to the Nunavik region in order to hunt the Leaf River Herd, where Caribou are plentiful and in great health. We have invested and still plan to do so in our infrastructures to supply the comfort and quality our clients have grown accustomed over the years with Tunilik.

Tunilik Adventure owns its own fleet of float planes through Air Tunilik and this improves our capacity to face mobility challenges when organizing caribou hunts. We have also put together a team of handpicked individuals from the best of the Quebec caribou hunting industry; Tunilik Adventure is now the main player of Caribou hunting in Quebec.

With Tunilik adventures, you will experience a caribou hunt conceived in your desires and delivered according to your expectations.

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Tunilik Adventures - Caribou hunting - Why us?

With all that has been happening in the industry, Tunilik Adventures has kept investing and adapting in order to deliver quality caribou hunts. Tunilik Adventures protect client's investment by bonding each of their packages.

Tunilik Adventures offers the most comfortable lodges of all the industry and limits its number of hunters per week in order to have the proper manoeuvrability to deal with uncertainties and weather issues; this maximises results.

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