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Tunilik Adventure almost sold out for this upcoming season.

Tunilik Adventure is one of the few players left in the Caribou Quebec hunting industry that saw at one point, more than 30 different outfitters at the beginning of the year 2000. But along with our remaining competitors, we were notified just before the holidays that this upcoming season would be our last one and that licenses would also be cut by 50 %. In short, The Government has officially announced that the Sport hunting season for Caribou in Quebec would be closed indefinitely on February 1st 2018

Since the announcement, we have filled our camp for this year in a record time. Pending reception of all deposits, we can announce that we will be completely booked by the end of this month.

This season will definitely be a great one; defined by the fantastic group of people in camp that have served hunters for all these years and enjoyed every second of it!

Thank you for all of you joining us for this upcoming last season!

Tunilik Adventure

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Tunilik Adventures - Caribou hunting - Why us?

With all that has been happening in the industry, Tunilik Adventures has kept investing and adapting in order to deliver quality caribou hunts. Tunilik Adventures protect client's investment by bonding each of their packages.

Tunilik Adventures offers the most comfortable lodges of all the industry and limits its number of hunters per week in order to have the proper manoeuvrability to deal with uncertainties and weather issues; this maximises results.

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